Feedback from our students

It is great you are still running courses, they are extraordinary. I have nice memories from the course in Inverness and I’m still in awe of the things I learned. Hannah ‘Doing your training class in 2018 was the best … Continued

International Remote Viewing Conference July 2020

All presentations from IRVA’s 2020 conference are now available for video-on-demand purchase or rent. This includes the keynote talk by Nick Cook entitled Ingo Swann Lost Works, as well as the panel discussion with several of IRVA’s founders. IRVA … Continued

CRV training course feedback August 2017

Dear Stella, I remember thinking whilst doing this course, that it’s one of the few courses of any kind that I’ve felt like I’m genuinely learning something new. I didn’t know exactly what to expect – before the course I … Continued

CRV Refresher and Monitoring workshop May 2015

CRV Refresher and Monitoring workshop May 2015 The venue for the CRV Refresher and Monitoring workshop May 2015 was a stone cottage situated on the gorse covered slopes of Conic Hill by the shores of Loch Lomond. Participants for this … Continued

CRV Workshop – 2015

CRV Workshop – March 2015 Students on the CRV Workshop March 2015 maintained the high levels of achievement that we have become accustomed to. The majority of the Students accurately identified the ‘Site’ at various stages during the course. Here … Continued

A Simple Guide to Voyaging the Energetic Universe

Many Remote Viewing UK trained operational Remote Viewers are also trained in ‘Waveform’. Waveform enables much deeper access into subtle information that is available on site and well beyond the normal range of the five senses.  These skills also have … Continued

New Remote Viewers – March 2014

On March 30th, four Remote Viewing students successfully completed the six stages of the CRV protocol, with final summaries identifying the unique properties and nature of their individual sites. Our workshops attract Remote Viewing students from all over the world; … Continued

Traveller in Time

Many people who are interested in Remote Viewing are aware of the military and also the humanitarian aspects of RV, but few are aware that time presents no barrier to the Remote Viewer. There are also documented examples of Remote … Continued

Why Train to be a Remote Viewer?

Each student comes for their own reasons, the motivation which compels them to undertake training in Remote Viewing. Humanitarian reasons such as finding people; lost, abducted, or the result of natural tragedies such as earthquakes. Finding clues that may assist in … Continued