CRV Workshop – March 2015

Students on the CRV Workshop March 2015 maintained the high levels of achievement that we have become accustomed to.

The majority of the Students accurately identified the ‘Site’ at various stages during the course.
Here is an example of some of the detail perceived during practice Stages 1 – 4 with the final summary.

Claustrophobic, bad for the health, carcinogenic atmosphere, burning to the skin’

‘I shouldn’t be here’.

‘Man in protective suit forging steel’

CRV Workshop - 2015
Man in protective suit in foundry


‘Industrial complex’

‘The person is wearing protective gear, almost like a fireman in a fire suit, possibly with an oxygen mask, reflective material, goggle type face mask over hard hat type helmet’.

‘A person in protective gear is controlling something (crucible) containing hot material (liquid metal)’

AOL (S) Iron manufacture’

Final Summary.

‘The site is an iron manufacturer. The key elements of the site are a human wearing full protective gear to move hot iron from one place into a mould’.