Many Remote Viewing UK trained operational Remote Viewers are also trained in ‘Waveform’. Waveform enables much deeper access into subtle information that is available on site and well beyond the normal range of the five senses.  These skills also have practical value in life, in business and relationships as we have access to the subtle information that each of us is constantly transmitting as our thoughts are transformed into feelings and emotions.

A Simple Guide to Voyaging the Energetic Universe’ is now available on as a paperback and also as an Ebook, and will be global within the next two weeks. The Author is Michael Webster – Remote Viewing trainer – Remote Viewing UK.
In essence, the book is the Waveform ‘Handbook’ with life enhancing skills, practical exercises in energy work and also self alignment which open the door to the energetic matrix and one’s connection with the Universe.
Our new Waveform website is under construction and will be live as soon as possible. In the meantime ‘Waveform Energetics’ on Facebook will include course dates and other relevant information. Enjoy the book and also the journey.  To purchase the paperback or Ebook from click  A_Simple_Guide.