Many people who are interested in Remote Viewing are aware of the military and also the humanitarian aspects of RV, but few are aware that time presents no barrier to the Remote Viewer.
There are also documented examples of Remote Viewers accessing events long past. One of our students during training accurately described the place he was tasked to locate but, as we were to discover, he had arrived at a different point in time.
Jean-Gil was completing the final stage in his CRV training and was writing up his final summary of the contents of the site which contained the following information.

Traveller in Time
Traveller in Time

“The site contains three, 3 dimensional triangles, white in colour. The temperature is hot, the surface beneath my feet grainy- brown. There is the sound of tinkling, like small bells and a fragrant smell, like incense. People moving in a line…”

Jean-Gil opened the envelope containing a photograph of the target site.

The great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt – three pyramids in total, and all three brown in colour, not white!

A little research revealed that, when they had been built more than 4000 years before, these Pyramids had been encased in white limestone. These white stones had been plundered over the centuries and were not in evidence in the photo used in the RV tasking. White pyramids, bells, incense, people moving in line- right place, different time.