It is great you are still running courses, they are extraordinary. I have nice memories from the course in Inverness and I’m still in awe of the things I learned. Hannah

‘Doing your training class in 2018 was the best thing I ever did. It’s been an amazing and life changing journey ever since ‘ Jemma Warner.

‘The remote viewing course was amazing and I was absolutely astounded by it.’ Joanne Ripley (Soul and Moon Rising).  

Looking forward to my next chapter with RV, excited and eager, thank you for all your teachings, both you and Julie, it was certainly inspiring with lots to think about and explore, the course was explained well and delivered with care and attention to detail.  Very enjoyable. Thank you. Ali Menzies

‘My first impression of remote viewing with Mike and Stella in 2007 was one of shock and disbelief, that I could have been able, thanks to their expert guidance, to find the subject I was remotely viewing and so accurately. I think everyone on the course was also a bit stunned as to how accurate they were. It opened up a whole lot of possibilities, so much so, I now use it for locating lost items e.g. documents I’ve mislaid, my favourite pen, a computer stick, the list is endless. Thank you, thank you for introducing me to this wonderful new skill.’ Maureen Kerr