The most impressive feature that I took away from my Remote Viewing course with Mike Webster, an expert teacher who took no prisoners but kept me “on track” the whole time, is the overriding sense of the interconnectedness of all things. Doing this course in the tranquil surroundings of Loch Lomond was a wonderful bonus and I enjoyed Mike and Stella’s warm hospitality. Being able to gain sensory information from a distant location seemed the most natural occurrence. It was only a few days after the training that I realised just how mind-blowing my experiences had been – they appeared to defy physical laws and yet felt natural and obvious at the time.”
Costa Lambrias,  Author of “Human Doing & Human Being – The Evolutionary Self-Help Guide To Achieving Your Life’s Outer & Inner Purpose Now”

The one week course in Remote Viewing with both Stella & Mike Webster as monitors was a very special journey into the unknown. Their patience and skill was exemplary.
Performing remote viewing tasks in the ‘awakened state of mind’ was so different from the ‘dream state travelling’. Learning to express and speak in a detailed descriptive manner was not that easy, practice will make perfect. I will advocate that ‘Remote Viewing’ should be taught to adults in adult learning colleges, as to how to use the power house of the mind correctly. This will no doubt put mankind on a roller coaster of discoveries and inventions and enable mankind to steer itself from the path of its own self destruction.
Juliana Lopes de Souza 

The Controlled Remote Viewing protocol gives a framework to gain insightful information. Mike used his wealth of experience to support and encourage us in learning this incredible process.

Mike Webster RV Teacher

Julie Tasker 

From initially booking the CRV course with Stella and Mike to actually participating you will find that they are a professional and incredibly sincere team. The instruction that I received was well thought out with excellent delivery. Highly recommend doing the CRV course through Energy Masters, it will definitely open your mind.
RB  Birmingham

I did the remote viewing course a few years ago, not really knowing what to expect. There are not many things these days that have the WOW factor, but by the end of the course I was amazed at what I and others were able to do.
Linda Shearman

“Remote Viewing training with Mike Webster was a revelation. He taught it with great skill, understanding and good humour. For those with an open and enquiring mind and who have a desire to explore our human potential, I would highly recommend it”.
Nigel Carter

I found the CRV refresher course very helpful. The subject is challenging so being surrounded by others with a good grounding in the subject enabled me to progress well over the two days. Mike is a good-humoured, accomplished trainer and kept us on the task well.
Martin Armitage Smith

Mike has proved himself to be an adept student of remote viewing, actually naming a US airline target in his Stage 6 CRV training and also accessing valuable data in operational work. Mike is also a patient and thorough instructor”.
Dr Angela Thompson Smith. Remote Viewing Teacher. A Founder Member and Director of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA)

An unforgettable experience in amazing surroundings, I would highly recommend this training course and the trainers.
l am genuinely gutted l was unable to attend their refresher course due to family commitments but will do my utmost to attend the next one.
Enjoy having your socks blown off!!!
Angela Campbell 

My first impression of remote viewing with Mike and Stella was one of shock and disbelief, that I could have been able, thanks to their expert guidance, to find the subject I was remotely viewing and so accurately. I think everyone on the course was also a bit stunned as to how accurate they were. It opened up a whole lot of possibilities, so much so, I now use it for locating lost items ie. documents I’ve mislaid, my favourite pen, a computer stick, the list is endless. Thank you, thank you for introducing me to this wonderful new skill.
Maureen Kerr. Artist – Author 

It is not enough to approach this with an open mind; you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have an open mind.  You also need courage, strength and resilience.  Courage, because it’s one thing to maintain an open mind over something like Global Warming that may, or may not, effect your children one day; but quite another to maintain one when faced with evidence that all your previous life-experience says is just plain wrong.  Strength, because this course is bloody hard work – you get long individual training sessions that take hours to physically recover from.  Resilience, because this is not a sudden “I’m a believer” thing – it’s a training programme; you have to learn each step along the path and practice them, and each step is an effort.  It’s not just the effort of individual training sessions, it’s also quite an effort sitting quietly for an hour afterwards watching your perceptions shift.   But when I say the results are mind-blowing, I genuinely mean that quite literally.

Stella Webster RV Teacher

On the other hand there is peace, quiet, good food, and good company.
Chris Ray B.Sc.

This intensive course proved to me that the mind can be trained to access information from subtle fields of energy around us.  Mike’s encouragement and supportive teaching yielded amazing results.
Sheila Reynolds

Remote Viewing was probably the most awe-inspiring course I have attended.  The course itself reaches parts of the mind and brain that no other course does!  Remote viewing in itself is amazing but what you can do with the principles of remote viewing to enhance the existing tools in your repertoire is truly mind blowing and constantly evolving.  So, if you like a challenge, to be pushed to the limits of what you think you can do and go further; have an open mind and as Buzz Lightyear says “To infinity and beyond …” Remote Viewing could be for you. A.S.

Whatever the path that brought you to be interested in Remote Viewing, you could well, like me, find in there by yourself, the answer to lots of fundamental questions with regards to quantum physics, to transcend your perception of the time/space concept and live the most fantastic and life changing experience if you give you the chance to be guided, in complete confidence by Mike Webster.
Jean-Gil Gonzalez 

The 5 day remote viewing training that I participated in with Mr. Mike Webster was nothing short of amazing.  Mr. Webster has a great ability to skillfully help trainees learn the protocols of remote viewing and begin to learn the skills needed to be successful remote viewers. It is quite an exhilarating experience as you receive feedback on your recon Intel after being tasked to remote view a target, having been given nothing more than a blind 8 digit coordinate.  Mike adheres to the remote viewing principle of supplying no additional information to the remote viewer as they attempt to acquire the target, and so after the active part of the session is over, when feedback is given, it can be quite astonishing when one realises, based on how remote viewing Intel matches up with the identified target, that the remote viewer had indeed on some level connected with the target. It is also exhilarating beyond words when one spontaneously experiences a sensory experience of the target that has not been generated by immediate physical experience. In large part, current mainstream scientific and psychological paradigms are grounded on the premise that all experience and awareness is generated by the interaction of the 5 senses due to direct physical and psychological contact with our physical environment.  Remote viewing not only powerfully challenges these assumptions, but offers the opportunity of direct

Dr Angela Thompson-Smith RV Teacher

experience to the contrary, namely that experience and awareness are not limited to our 5 senses, and are ultimately not only non-local, but also non-temporal in nature,  illustrating that awareness can also be outside of time.  Of course, to contemplatives throughout history, this would be nothing to startling, but in a world guided by hypothesis generated by post Newtonian and Cartesian radical mechanistic and reductionistic reasoning, it can be both startling and breathtaking.   I belief that what we are really talking about here – with regards to remote viewing- is a way to see and experience the world with new eyes, and with a new realization that consciousness really is non-local/non-temporal on some level, and that there is a connection that can be made that goes far beyond normal expectations and experience.  For these reasons, I consider my remote viewing experience with Mr. Webster to be one of the most unique and powerfully transformative experiences of my life, and would recommend it without reservation or hesitation to anyone honest enough to be willing to have their paradigms and understandings of reality challenged. Tim Tobin, MA, LPC, LCMHC

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Press Promotional day for the film:
‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’.
Starring George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges. 
Remote Viewing with Mike Webster – London – 28th October 09 – Mike Webster’s RV day for journalists in London.

Feedback to the PR Company.

Florence WatersTelegraph online:
I was just going to write to you and say thank you and what an extraordinary experience it was yesterday. Mike was full of great stories and interesting information. I really enjoyed it, and was surprised by the results, although slightly frustrated that nobody believes me what happened in that room!

Grant Rollings – The Sun:
I found it very helpful. I don’t think we would have properly understood Remote Viewing without Mike’s help. I also want to say that Mike was great.

Lisa Keddie – Real.com:
Went straight home and told the other-half about it! He was amazed by me guessing the pictures and everything.
I found it a fascinating introduction to Remote Viewing and exactly what it’s about and how it’s used. It was great to get some practical experience it first-hand, too, and it made a very welcome and unique PR event, adding more insight to the film! I must admit I was initially convinced that it was all fiction and a little skeptical, but it has ‘broadened my mind’ (so to speak).