Consulting services

Remote Viewing UK (RV-UK) registered Remote Viewers are available to carry out remote viewing consulting projects for you, your group, your company or your organization in full confidentiality.
Consulting projects can involve decisions regarding negotiations, Interviews and internal investigations.
ConsultingOn a humanitarian level, Remote Viewing UK has been consulted to assist in criminal cases and also those involving missing adults and children.

Remote viewing cannot be solely relied on to solve cases but is used in conjunction with other investigative methods by the client. Please note that fees cover the work done on a case and are not tied to outcome. RV-UK retains the right to decline projects that are deemed to be unethical or illegal. RV-UK also reserves the right to accept or decline projects at its discretion.
To enquire about services we provide please complete and submit the information request on the Contact page.


Projects and consulting requests that we do not accept

The types of Remote Viewing Projects that the RV-UK will not accept are; free demonstrations of Remote Viewing, parental abduction cases, information about ex-spouses or marital discord, treasure hunting or bounty hunting for a share of the proceeds, UFOs, lottery projects, stock market or gambling projects for a share of the winnings.