CRV Refresher and Monitoring workshop May 2015

The venue for the CRV Refresher and Monitoring workshop May 2015 was a stone cottage situated on the gorse covered slopes of Conic Hill by the shores of Loch Lomond.
Participants for this workshop had traveled from as far afield as Switzerland.
Standards of Remote viewing remained high, despite the very tight schedule of Remote Viewing tasking and monitoring training which involved all participants fully throughout the two days.

Gorse on Conic Hill
Drinking in the vibrant colour and scent of the wild gorse on Conic Hill

Feedback on the workshop has been excellent.
Experiencing the active role of the ‘monitor’ provided more understanding and insight into how the Remote Viewer can obtain more precise information from the signal line and how a creative monitor can enable a Remote Viewer to improve the quantity and quality of information obtained from the target site. The workshop was called ‘inspirational’ and, although tired after two long and intense days participants acknowledged that a lot of progress had been made.
Dear Mike and Stella
‘That was a great weekend! I really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it.
Thank you so much for the enormous amount of work you put in’. N.S.