Each student comes for their own reasons, the motivation which compels them to undertake training in Remote Viewing.
Humanitarian reasons such as finding people; lost, abducted, or the result of natural tragedies such as earthquakes.

Finding clues that may assist in the solving of crimes, and help in locating stolen goods.
Business situations

A personal and experiential exploration of history (‘Time’ does not seem to an obstacle for Remote Viewing)
An exciting means of expanding the potential of the human mind 

We encourage our students to approach each RV tasking as an exciting journey to somewhere in the Universe. With the guidance of a monitor, students use all their senses to explore the environment of the target site. They also learn how to accurately record their findings, piecing together like a jigsaw puzzle the sensory information which identifies the unique qualities of the site.

The importance of working with a good monitor, particularly when in training cannot be underestimated. Our students learn basic monitoring skills alongside their training as Remote Viewers.