Dear Stella,

I remember thinking whilst doing this course, that it’s one of the few courses of any kind that I’ve felt like I’m genuinely learning something new. I didn’t know exactly what to expect – before the course I sort of pictured a board and flip chart and chairs – but you don’t need to be clairvoyant to realise that was highly likely (and I’ve taught enough courses myself). But I knew this would be something very different. I’ve never felt quite so free to express my thoughts with a group of people as I did with both you and Julie and also the other students. And yet, at the same time I was impressed with the structure. I’m not sure why that surprised me, but within something that is very much on the edge of human understanding (and often beyond it for many people), it can be tempting to just “float” and not really get anywhere. But that was not the case here. And it felt right – I’ve been in environments where there is too much control, and no flexibility which is counterproductive in my experience – but you managed to get the balance right – even managing to factor in a variety of potentially off-topic subjects that caught our interest as a group.


I feel like you’ve helped me to open a door. Both in my head and in my life. I can’t speak for everyone’s experience, but there is “stuff” at the back of our minds that I would imagine most people ignore. I’m now more aware of it. And doing this course has helped me to tap into it. Trying to envision texture, taste, smells, noises, colours and a plethora of other things has allowed me to look at the world a little more closely. For something seemingly out of body, there is definitely a benefit to being more in tune with the world around you.


I think something that perhaps surprised me a little, is that it is genuinely hard work. It’s something you work at. And learn. And given time seemingly get better at. But that being said at no point did I feel like I was being pushed too hard, or doing something I didn’t want to do. All the sessions monitored by you and Julie felt balanced, allowing me to do the work, but prompting at the right times to help get the most out of the sessions.


I would say that there probably has to be a certain degree of open mindedness regarding the subject of remote viewing before starting the course. I think whilst most are capable, many would never open their minds to the possibility of Remote Viewing beyond mild curiosity – though hopefully in time this wont be so much the case.


I think the number of people on the course was right too – as I think it could be difficult to teach more people all that needed to be learned to get to stage 6 in Controlled Remote Viewing in the time. And on that note the timing I thought was very well done – I expected, as with many courses, there to be lulls or times when we would not be learning as much, but I think we learned what we needed at exactly the right pace. Any quicker and I wouldn’t have learned as much and perhaps felt rushed, much longer and it perhaps would have felt too loose.


Staying a little time a way from the location of the course, personally I found beneficial walking in every day, as it allowed me to process what I’d learned during the day and the beautiful scenery helped me to look at more details in the world around me. It was good to have the opportunity to switch off from the course at night.


It’s an experience quite unlike any I’ve had before, but yet very comfortable and has helped me progress. I’d like to now take this experience and build on it. Obviously in Remote viewing, but into other areas as well, and see where it can take me. The sky is the limit – and beyond!


Kind Regards,