We believe that to provide the best training for any student of Remote Viewing the level of personal interaction between trainer and student has to be high. We strive to provide individual training with a ratio of one trainer for every three students.

Controlled Remote Viewing

The training we offer covers the 6 stages of Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) in 5 days, and strictly follows the protocols developed by Ingo Swann and documented by Paul Smith.
Each day, one or more of the six stages of CRV will be covered.
Each morning includes recap and practice sessions.
In the afternoons students will complete at least one new monitored session whilst practicing the sequential stages of CRV with the trainers.

    Traveller in Time
Traveller in Time, a successfully completed stage 6

Stage 6 practice culminates in students producing a 3-dimensional model of their target site. (Artistic ability is not a requirement)
Training is given by one-to-one coaching and through presentations, handouts, examples, demonstrations, exercises and hands-on practice.
Students need to ensure that they are rested and relaxed prior to the course, as it is quite intensive. The class venue is non-smoking, although a smoking area is provided outside.

We encourage our students to approach each RV tasking as an exciting journey to somewhere in the Universe. With the guidance of a monitor, students use all their senses to explore the environment of the target site. They also learn how to accurately record their findings, piecing together like a jigsaw puzzle the sensory information which identifies the unique qualities of the site.

The importance of working with a good monitor, particularly when in training, cannot be underestimated. Our students learn basic monitoring skills alongside their training as a Remote Viewer.

CRV Trainers Stella Webster and Julie Tasker

Introduction to Remote Viewing

Julie hosts introductory days by request.

Advanced training in Remote Viewing

Training in ERV, ARV and Advanced Applications is provided in the UK at regular intervals by Dr Angela Thompson Smith. Certification in CRV is a requisite for these courses in advanced training. The next course is scheduled for September 2020.

Post CRV Certification refresher and Monitor training courses

These workshops are open to anyone who has successfully completed the CRV certificate course.

CRV Certificate Workshop

Thursday 5th March – Monday 9th March 2020 Mansfield, Nottinhamshire. For details please go to ‘Events’ page