What is Remote Viewing?

According to the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA)
“Remote viewing is a trained method of accessing hidden information about an object, person or place using something other than the known five senses”.

Remote Viewing UK (RV-UK)

Remote Viewing UK was founded in 2005 and named by Dr Angela Thompson Smith¹ as the first site in the UK where students, practitioners and clients can receive reliable training in Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) Extended Remote Viewing (ERV) and Advanced Applications.
CRV Trainers. Stella Webster, assisted by co-teacher Julie Tasker BSc (Hons) PGCE   Julie’s website
ERV and advanced applications. Dr Angela Thompson Smith Angela’s website

Stella Webster RV Teacher

Mike and Stella Webster

Mike and his wife Stella trained with Angela as Remote Viewers in 2005, having persuaded her to come from the Nevada in the USA to run a course in Scotland.
In 2005 Mike and Stella commenced operational work with tasking coming mainly from the USA.

In 2006 Mike and Stella completed their training in ERV and advanced applications with Angela.
On completion of their advanced applications training, Mike and Stella were invited to provide training in CRV in the UK.

When Mike commenced his training in Remote Viewing in 2005 it added another dimension to his lifetime background of paranormal experience.

These experiences started when he was six years of age and continued to manifest over the following years.
In 1996 Mike had a profound experience which expanded his awareness and provided deep access into the energetic matrix and other dimensions of reality.
Mike brings to his training in Remote Viewing his skills as a Master Practitioner in NLP; his 40 + years experience as a trainer and a lifetime’s experience of a world beyond the five senses.


Our aim is to bring the skills, insights and the life changing experiences of Remote Viewing to as wide a range of the population as possible, and through our operational tasking apply our skills for the greater good of mankind.
RV-UK is a focal point for Remote Viewers and Remote Viewing students throughout the UK.
RV-UK provides authorized CRV and Advanced Training workshops, also training for RV Monitors.
RV-UK is a UK centre for world-wide RV tasking for its operational Remote Viewers.
The larger majority of our accepted operational tasks are humanitarian.

As a group we keep a low profile and we protect the identities and confidentiality of our Remote Viewers and all those who train with us. Rather than wasting time arguing publically or otherwise over whether RV works or does not work, or debating the accuracy of a piece of RV history, we prefer to just get on with the job of Remote Viewing for those that request our assistance. RV-UK trained Remote Viewers are situated in the USA, Canada, Switzerland and throughout the UK.

¹Angela is an internationally recognised Remote Viewer and Teacher, a founding member of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) and a current member of the IRVA Board of Directors. Angela lives in Nevada – USA.